We use data science to reveal the invisible

By accurately detecting, measuring and predicting future levels Volatile Organic Compounds, we can turn any box, carton, or bag into a Smart Container, a self-contained chemistry laboratory.

Reduce Food Wastage

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Detect Food Contamination

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Detect Mycotoxins

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What Makes Us Different

Seeing the Unseen

Smells are a form of communication. Our technology taps into this already existing communications channel to electronically “smell” information that was previously impossible to perceive.

What Makes Us Different

We Do the Math

We provide in real-time a metric called the Average Freshness Level to give supply chain managers instant visibility of their stock vs. established quality freshness levels over time.

What Makes Us Different

High Sensitivity and Selectivity

Our multi-degree of freedom sensor platform can detect under 10ppb and distinguish these compounds from each other with high accuracy.

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